Our Family Vacation – June 2013

We just got back from a week in Cape May!  It was sad to leave knowing that we were done for the summer although feeling very blessed that we have the house booked solid through the summer!

Favorite things we did–

  • Pre-dinner cocktails on the lawn @ Congress Hall while kids ran around – just can’t get enough of that place;
  • Ebbitt Room for drinks and also for dinner – great food AND service. Couldn’t turn down the Grey Goose Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives;
  • Lucky bones on a rainy day – casual / food is delicious;
  • Riding bikes everywhere! It is so nice to have sidewalks and to be in such a bike friendly town;
  • Peter Shields Inn – View, Food, Service are all awesome – Corn Soup – YUM! BYOB.
  • $1.50 soft serves @ the Fudge Kitchen (on bikes of course);
  • Cape May Winery – What a nice surprise – the wine was surprisingly great and a beautiful building;
  • Cape May Whale Watcher – Great day / tons of dolphins / great crew… unfortunately no whales but we’d go again!;
  • Drinks/apps at Harborview
  • Dinner at Tisha’s (BYOB)!

Lessons learned–

  • Love Lobster house (especially seafood takeout) BUT not for a family dinner outside – no table service on the dock which made for a stressful night (stalking people who look like they are about to give up their table / waiting in line for food / drinks);
  • The Wine Room at the Washington Inn has a great happy hour Friday night for date nights – won’t bring the girls next time.

Next time–

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